Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

    According to the most recent polls, Americans have shown divided reactions to President Trump’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Note that the pandemic has killed over a thousand people in the United States, and has also caused major economic break down in the weeks gone.

    The online survey conducted collaboratively by Reuters™ and Ipsos™ took responses from respondents numbering over 4000. Based on the numbers, about 49% of the respondents think that Trump’s handling of the crisis and its effects are still acceptable. However, another 44% say that they disapprove of the president’s methods.

    Factors that might have influenced the results of the polls

    Fundamentally, the information gathered from the poll results showed that the final outcomes were largely influenced by the respondents’ party lines. Republicans were significantly in support of Trump, with an approval response put at 83% against 13% who disapproved. As you might expect, 71% of Democrats disapproved of the president’s approach, against another 24% who did not. With a 43% against 43%, Independents’ respondents had equal votes for and against Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Now, according to the results obtained from another survey (YouGov’s Economist polls), we may further conclude that the party line influences are a real factor to consider. In this survey, about 49% of respondents- who were republicans say that they approve of the president’s methods of handling the crisis, while another 44% (mostly Democrats) disapproved of it.

    A breakdown of the results showed that a massive 89% of the participating respondents who were registered Republicans approved of Trump’s COVID-19 management methods. However, relatively fewer 7% of the registered Republican respondents think the president is not getting it right. Of the responding Democrats, 74% lashed out at the president’s response to the outbreak, while an estimated 24%  think his response is not bad. This time, however, Independents’ respondents’ votes, showed 42% were in support, while another 45% disapproved.

    Major reasons for the disapproval on President Trump’s response to COVID-19

    A number of Trump’s political opponents have openly criticized Trump’s administrations’ tactics to managing the COVID-19 crisis. Statistics reports show that over 70,000 infected persons reside in the U.S, and opponents say the government should have done more in protecting the populace. For instance, they suggest that the government was not proactive enough in preparing for possible outbreaks, as well as its failure to provide diagnostic tests sooner than now.

    However, President Trump sees things differently, as he has commended his administration’s decision to shut down incoming travels from China- where the global outbreak first started.

    Poll results and their comparisons

    Another poll conducted by Gallup also showed similarities with the Reuter and Economist poll. However, it was different in that it showed approval ratings rising by up to 8% amongst Independents and 6% increase amongst the Democrats.

    The increase in approval rating seems to cut across most surveys, as others like the RealClearPolitics had results showing up to 47% respondent approval.

    Note that all of the Reuters & Ipsos, Economist, and Gallup polls were conducted between March 13th to 24. While the Reuters & Ipsos survey had an error allowance of ± 1.7%, the Economist and the Gallup polls had error margins of ±3.2% and ±4% respectively.

    Now analysts opine that if the President’s approval ratings are coming up because of the popular “rally effect”, then it is still just modest- relative to what was obtainable with other presidents who also had to deal with some crisis. For instance, President George Bush had his approval rating go up by a massive 35%- as recorded by Gallup, after the 9/11 terrorist attack.

    In fact, some individuals have pointed out that the president’s approval ratings have not exceeded an average 50% mark  The implication of this is that people’s opinion of the President seems to be fixed and would not likely change much- irrespective of the circumstances.

    Now, considering the general election matchup, Trump still trails behind likely candidate for the Democratic Party- Joe Biden, with Reuter hypothetical matchup survey showing 42% to 36%. The Economist’s hypothetical matchup on another hand, also shows Joe Biden in the lead, with a 46% to 42% result.