Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

    CNBC Live Stream

    CNBC is a 24-hour news channel focused on reporting events in the business world available on paid-for cable and satellite TV subscription services. The channel is headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey and is broadcast throughout the continents of North America, Europe and Asia. 

    CNBC has a detailed accompanying website which provides visitors with detailed financial information – such as market performance – as well as the ability to watch a CNBC live stream.

    CNBC Formation and Development 

    CNBC actually has its origins in a different channel altogether named the Satellite Program Network (SNP). The channel originally showed movie re-runs and other similar entertainment programs before being acquired by NBC. The channel was relaunched in 1989 as the Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC), as part of a joint-venture with Cablevision.   

    The channel got off to a rocky start as it struggled to win a share of the audiences of the already-established Financial News Network (FFN). CNBC’s initial reach was only 17 million homes, less than half of that of FNN at the time. 

    However, the simultaneous growth of CNBC and the uncovering of financial difficulties at rival FNN allowed CNBC to acquire its rival for $154.3 million in 1991. Overnight, CNBC more than doubled its audience to 40 million homes. Today that figure stands at just under 100 million homes, which is represents just over 80% of homes that have a television. 

    CNBC Programming

    CNBC’s programming is broadly focused on news pertaining to the business world and financial industries. There are stock market updates as well as reports on the performance of currencies and commodities aired throughout business hours.  

    Their most-watched programs involve well-known personalities such as Jim Cramer giving their take on the day’s business news. Squawk on the Street, Power Lunch and Closing Bell are some of the most popular daily shows. 

    After markets close, CNBC switches to a different format with very little news and more in the way of entertainment. The runaway success of this type of programming has been the Mad Money show, which sees Jim Cramer answer calls from viewers asking for advice on investments into stocks and shares. 

    More recently, CNBC has also dedicated a large volume of weekend programming to sports. Golf, ice hockey, and soccer have all held prominent slots during the weekend, filling the downtime in between markets closing on Friday and reopening on Monday.  

    CNBC Notable Events 

    Unlike other news channels, the fortunes of CNBC are closely-tied to those of the financial markets and economy. When they perform well, CNBC tends to bring in more viewers, when recession hits, they tend to lose viewers. 

    That was until the crash of 2007, when viewership actually increased during the financial turmoil of that year. In fact, a rant by Jim Kramer on the Street Signs program was so influential that it was said to have nudged the federal reserve into cutting interest rates later that year. The increase in viewership has seen CNBC ranked in the top 20 most valuable cable channels with a value of roughly $4 Billion. 

    It was also around this time that CNBC invested more into its online resources to meet the increasing demand of viewers wanting to watch CNBC live streaming services. It’s now one of the most popular methods of watching the channel. For those unable to watch through the medium of a screen, there are also dedicated radio broadcasts with market updates which are sent direct to smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.