Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

    CNN Live Streaming

    CNN is a 24-hour news and current affairs channel that is available on a wide range of paid-for cable and satellite television providers in the Unites States and across the globe. 

    The channel is headquartered in the New York City, with axially studios in Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Atlanta. However, it broadcasts programming to well in excess of 200 countries through its subsidiary CNN international. It’s one of the few news channels to have a presence on every habited continent. 

    CNN’s Formation and Early Development 

    The CNN news channel as we know it today came to fruition thanks to the media mogul Ted Turner, who launched the channel at the the very beginning of the 1980s. Whilst the idea is commonplace today, CNN has the important distinction of being the first news-only channel.

    Being first to market has helped it become one of the leading new channels, with over 100 million households choosing to tune in to watch CNN Live on a daily basis. The early-market move meant it was able to get ahead of rivals in terms of securing broadcast deals. The fact that CNN is available in all major brands’ hotel rooms has helped it develop a worldwide reputation for delivering news-worthy content. 

    CNN Scheduling

    CNN has remained largely true to its origins, with news content still occupying the lions’ share of programming slots. However, the channel does now dedicate a serious amount of time to political, historical and documentary-style programs. 

    In fact, CNN has now produced over 30 documentaries. American Dynasties: The Kennedys, not only received critical acclaim, but also managed to draw in an average audience of 1.7 million viewers per episode.

    CNN Noteworthy Events 

    Over its 40-year existence, there have been many news stories covered by CNN that have won praise from critics and viewers alike. One such event was the commencement of the first Gulf War in 1991. The channel had uniquely managed to position their reporters within the conflict zone in Iraq, something no other news channel was able to repeat until much later in the war. 

    CNN was also first to bring the news of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks. They managed to break this story a full 15 minutes before other networks, who were still scrambling to make sense of what was happening on the ground. 

    CNN Live Stream Now Available 

    For a long while those who wanted to watch CNN live streaming had very little scope to do so. Fortunately, the channel has slowly but surely begun to move with the times and now makes their wide-ranging content available to stream on several paid-for internet platforms. 

    Today, avid viewers can simply log in online and view broadcasts live from the studio in New York City. This move has nudged CNN’s market penetration up to an impressive 83% of American households. It’s also a big factor behind the impressive reach of 212 countries and territories worldwide. For those unable to consume news through a screen, the station also has dedicated radio broadcasts on satellite radio provider Sirius XM.