Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

    The world is deep into the coronavirus season, and there have been a lot of theories and pointing of fingers as to what could have been done better by the various authorities. The argument is, most of the world leaders and decision makers had underestimated the virus which originated from the city of Wuhan, China, late last year, and a quicker intervention would have saved a lot of lives.

    Right here in the US, the stories are the same, and we have even had a number of reports blaming President Trump for the high numbers of US Citizens who have contracted the virus. According to various reports from some of the most credible outlets in our country, President was advised as early as January to put measures in place that can easily protect the country against the spread of the virus. According to the reports, this was when the virus was still in China and hasn’t gotten to Europe. The President was said to have been told that the Chinese were not being straightforward with the numbers they were reporting, and that an outbreak of the disease could lead to a major crisis in the US.

    In spite of these warnings by the government officials who are known to have close relations with spy agencies, the President was said to have been unconvinced at best, and he had refused blatantly to pay any kind of attention to the warnings. In fact, some sources in the White House have suggested the President was much more interested in other trivial issues with lesser implications on the health of the US citizens as well as the welfare of its economy than the impending virus outbreak.

    Fast forward to three months later, and we have the situation on our hands right now. As we write, the US has a total case of more than 35,000 people already, and those numbers are expected to grow significantly in the next few days going by the rate at which the virus is spreading. Our country has also recorded about 95 death cases through the virus, and we can only hope things don’t spiral out of control at this rate.

    When you look at the numbers and also consider the fact that the experts have advised the President long ago about this impending danger, then, you’d realize how different it could have been if only the President had listened earlier and put structures in place to fight the virus he now repeatedly calls ‘the Chinese Virus’. A lot of lives would have been saved, jobs wouldn’t have been lost, our stock market wouldn’t be in the shambles it is right now, and the economy surely would have been afloat with the right strategies.

    As it is now, we could only hope for a quick turnaround regarding the situation we have found ourselves in as a nation, and hope that the President and his entourage finds a quick solution to a problem they could have prevented from happening in the first place.