Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

    Sitting down with the Cable News Network, GPS anchor, Fareed Zakaria, the former first lady and biggest Trump rival in the 2016 elections Hilary Clinton took time out to discuss the Democratic nominees and how the primaries are coming along.

    The former Democratic nominee stated, Biden, is doing the same thing I did in the 2016 general election. He is building a strong base of energetic voters who she believes is the change needed to oust Trump in the upcoming general election.

    Not surprising after Biden’s rather astounding wins in the last super Tuesday over his political opponent Bernie Sanders, Clinton seems to be experiencing a déjà vu seeing Biden face off the same candidate she faced off for the party’s ticket in 2016 when she lost to businessman/ real estate mogul now president Trump. Biden is doing an excellent job of pulling voters and getting them excited for the coming elections.

    In the interview that aired Sunday, she repeated that she would offer a solid backing for Sander if he asked but wasn’t sure he is the right man to take down the canniest candidate of the GOP, Donald Trump. However, she has promised to stick and support whoever is the final man with all she’s got until the Democratic victory at the polls in the general election.

    Discussing outside the realms of politics, Hilary gladly talked about her life documentary which will air on Hulu that captures her life from her days as a young lawyer, then taking up the mantle as the first lady, her position as Secretary of State, a senator, and then the first woman to hold a party’s presidential ticket.

    Her Documentary and the Lack of Female Candidates

    Speaking of the candidates, she expressed how disappointed she was that the party had no female contender strong enough to push the Democratic Party agenda forward with Senators Warren and Klobuchar waiving their position and Gabbard of Hawaii lagging behind in the race.

    We were half a dozen at the start of the race, and halfway down, we are zero, she said.

    When asked why that was, the former first lady was quick to stress the issue of unconscious bias, seeing women as incompetent of becoming a president, and tying the presidential position to a job or position suited for men alone. She also stressed the fact that the voting class and public are yet to come to terms with the capabilities of women in key positions, especially that of the presidency.

    We need to be open, she said. This is to enable us create better opportunities for our girls and their children in the future.

    Wishing that a woman should have been among those with the democratic ticket, she did appreciate the fact that there are two strong contenders on the ground representing the party. However, she was quick to note that practically and the candidate’s realist character will decide on their winning.

    Not forgetting where the winning votes are coming from, she urged the democratic nominees to look critically at the Electoral College as the election date draws closer.