Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

    MSNBC Live Streaming

    MSNBC is a 24-hour American news channel that provides factual news reporting and political programming across all paid-for cable and satellite television providers. 

    In terms of reach, MSNBC has a more focused approach than competitors by cornering key markets in North America, large parts of Africa, and key territories in the Middle East. The channel increases its global appeal by offering a MSNBC live streaming service which is available on a wide range of online platforms.

    MSNBC’s Formation

    MSNBC’s start in life was unique in nature. It was the first time that a computer company (Microsoft) and a television network (NBC) had partnered up to launch a 24-hour news channel. The joint venture was announced in 1995, and the first broadcasts began in 1996. 

    It was agreed at the time that Microsoft would take care of the news website element, whilst NBC would be in charge of running the television station. Despite the television station generating much more revenue, the partnership remained evenly split until Microsoft made the unilateral decision to sell all of its interests within the company in 2015. 

    Since formation, MSNBC has grown its reach to over 100 million households in the United States alone, equating to a market penetration of over 80% of US homes. Today it’s sits near the top of the rankings as one of the most popular news channels.   

    MSNBC Scheduling   

    During the 1990s and the early 2000s MSNBC’s focus was primarily on news reporting. However, from 2005 onwards MSNBC devoted an increasing amount of airtime to political commentary and debate programs. This strategic move saw viewership increase by 158% during the 2008 presidential campaign. MSNBC had the added boost of topping CNN in the ratings for the first time in its history during this period.

    With the Microsoft divestiture in 2015, programming decisions were made to bring the channel more in line with its parent NBC. Viewers can now tune in to watch MSNBC Live for over 8 hours of each day. This segment focuses on straight news reporting, and therefore this move reversed the increasingly political programming of the previous 20 years. 

    MSNBC Notable Events

    This news channel has recently surged in popularity thanks in part to its decision to dedicate more time in its on-air programming to live news reporting. In fact, in 2017 MSNBC reached the milestone of becoming the second most-watched news station, beating out both CNN and Fox News.  

    In 2018, the channel made the controversial move to remove their news ticker which scrolled on the bottom of the screen summarizing the day’s main headlines. The move has helped to keep audiences watching for longer since they need to sit through each individual news story, as opposed to reading brief summaries scrolling along the bottom of the screen. 

    After Microsoft sold their stake in the company in 2015, MSNBC beefed up their online offering. MSNBC live streaming is now one of the most popular viewing methods, since younger digital-savvy generations like to consume news content on the move. Audio versions of the channel are also made available through satellite radio providers such as Sirius XM.