Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

    If you have been paying enough attention to the political landscape of our country, you would most definitely agree with me that there is no love lost between President Donald Trump, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. For months, both of them have had one or two derogatory comments to say about each other, with both parties throwing blames at each other regarding while things are not working at their various terrains.

    If you think you have seen the peak of these confrontations between the two political bigwigs, then, you have to think again as another twist has been added to the drama by Pelosi. It is no longer news that a lot of blames have been directed towards the President regarding how he has handled the coronavirus infection in America. The major argument has been that Trump had all the necessary intelligence reports that have shown how deadly the coronavirus is, and how it could cause grave dangers to the American people and its economy if serious measures were not put in place to curtail it, but he refused to act on those reports.

    Even after the first few cases were reported too, President Trump was said to have paid little to no attention to the dangers that could befall our country due to the spread of the virus. Today, those inactions seemed to have caused our great country dearly as America has recorded the highest number of cases in the world till date at over 600,000 infected people, and the number of deaths is very close to 27,000 people already. It is not just about infections and death too, as this pandemic has led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in America already, and the economy is really suffering, possibly heading towards depression. One could only imagine the dangers that could have been averted if the President had listened and acted earlier.

    Nancy Pelosi’s New Letter

    Against the backdrop of the ravaging effects of the pandemic and Mr. Trump’s continuous war with the media, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has released a public letter on Tuesday to her Democratic colleagues. The letter detailed all the activities of the Trump administration and their ‘poor handling’ of the coronavirus pandemic, and how these actions have caused unnecessary death and economic disaster. The letter which contains six bullet points is titled ‘The Truth of What Has Put Us in this Position’.

    The letter reveals in great details how Trump dismantled infrastructures handed over to him in fighting the pandemic and how he blatantly ignored the warnings of the American intelligence that were presented to him in January. Furthermore, the letter revealed how Trump told his closest allies and supporters that the virus was a hoax, and how there wasn’t enough testing kits in America as recent as March, even as Mr. Trump continues to tell us otherwise. Pelosi concludes the letter by pointing out that Donald Trump’s poor handling of this pandemic has made a mess of the American economy and has led to the loss of many lives, jobs and puts the economy in grave danger. She also labels President Trump a weak and a poor leader who takes no responsibility.

    The White House is yet to respond to these attacks on the President as at the time of writing, but we can be sure of one thing; they would respond. Whatever their defense may be anyways, we have seen enough facts to know the Trump administration has handled this pandemic poorly, and we can only hope for the best going forward.