Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

    When asked a question on the measures the United States government was taking to curtail the coronavirus pandemic, Trump responded by saying, “we have it totally under control.” About a month later, in another interview, he applauded their efforts by saying that in a couple of days, the cases would be down to null before adding, “That’s a pretty good job we are doing.”

    His statements were met by criticisms from various outspoken politicians, one of which is Nancy Pelosi – House Speaker. Although Pelosi waited to have cogent reasons to bash the President, she certainly condemned his initial “deadly” reactions to the situation without mincing words. In an interview with Jake Tapper from CNN, she went all out on the President by insinuating that his reaction has led to the rising number of deaths in the State. She said, “As the President fiddles, people are dying.”

    Tapper, in a bid to gain more clarity on her statement, asked if she was directly blaming the President for the skyrocketing figures America has recorded from the COVID-19 pandemic and without an iota of vagueness, she replied, “Yes, I am.” She went on to talk about how he callously downplayed the situation from the onset, mentioning his slowed response to the acquisition and distribution of equipment to the affected areas.

    We would recall that Trump, in the same manner, slammed a couple of Democratic governors while simultaneously appraising the White House’s response to global events.

    As expected, Tapper’s statement was greeted by ricocheting criticisms. Hours later, Senator Lindsey Graham sat with FOX News to talk about the situation and regarding Tapper, he said, “That’s the most shameful, disgusting statement made by any politician in modern history.” He was appalled by Tapper’s remarks, blaming the President for the loss of American lives.

    She went on to add, “This is such a tragedy and we don’t even know the magnitude of it because we don’t even have the adequate testing.”

    In his defense, Trump, in a recent statement, asserted that he never watered down the situation. However, Trump gave Pelosi reasons to hold such grievances against him when he emphatically stated that “everything was great” about three weeks ago after assuring the citizens that the federal government had the situation “under control.” At the time of making the statement, the United States had recorded an average of 500 cases and over 15 deaths which Pelosi believes was enough time to prepare for any further disaster or fight back. As at the time of this report, the figures had climbed to 120,000 with over 2,100 deaths and counting.

    Days before Pelosi’s reaction, Trump announced his plans to get things back to normal by the Easter Holiday contrary to expert suggestions on curbing the pandemic by observing the stay-at-home policy – social distancing.