Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

    With the weather getting warmer, Americans and President Trump have one thing on their minds, breaking free and opening the US economy. Both of which have been on lockdown for the past nine weeks. Not so fast, Vice president Pence said at Thursday’s Coronavirus task briefing, indicating that the restrictions outlined in the guidelines will remain even when the economy is opened.

    According to Mike Pence, the conditions that will ensure that the Coronavirus stays at bay when the economy is open are far from being met. He also stressed the fact that it is crucial to get things right and obliviously hinted the president’s reopening date is unrealistic as it is important to stay open than just reopen the economy.

    It was clear that the head of the Coronavirus task force, Mike Pence was keen on seeing the plateau flattened and the curve heading down. He wants the numbers of infections and death across the country dropping before the economy opens to prevent another lockdown that will be detrimental to the country and its citizens. A feat that would take weeks or months that the president obviously does not have.

    Taking a cue from others

    Trump said in February that he would love to see the economy opened by Easter but declined after listening to his health advisers on the path of the disease. Today the Coronavirus has claimed the lived of over 16, 700, Americans with various states and counties becoming hotspots. Although, social distancing seems to be effective in places like New York, the epicenter of the virus, opening the country would be flaunting the social distancing restriction and cause an insurgence of the virus. This can be seen in Germany that tackled the Coronavirus but is seeing a rise in infected persons after relaxing the social distancing rules.

    Trump has been throwing mixed messages about the Coronavirus, testing, reopening the economy, his attitude to governors, and their failure to manage the crisis in their states. Pence have done a pretty good job explaining the procedures and keeping all parties happy without pushing the tantrum button of his boss, the president.

    How effective is Social Distancing?

    Countries hit by the Coronavirus like china, Italy, Spain, and others are a true testimony that social distancing is indeed working and effective in curbing the spread of the virus. But the Vice president said for America to attain that status, it needs widespread testing to enable it to pinpoint sick individuals and people that could potentially spread the virus. Americans need to be Coronavirus ready for the next phase and with a cure or vaccine still embedded in the pipeline, only widespread testing can single out individuals with antibodies that could potentially help millions of people that might be infected to keep the economy opened.

    Finally, he said, they will listen to guidance from health experts and the CDC before reopening the economy. For now, the Center for Disease Control is silent. We just have to wait and see what happens next.