Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

    The Primaries are over and former vice president and the name in the Ukraine saga is the Democrats favorable political rival to oust sitting President Donald Trump. Guess Trump’s tweets and political talkback had little impact on the voting public.

    Although Bernie Sanders been the front runner of the democratic party easily won the states of Vermouth by a landslide and Colorado, Biden struck gold when he swept the Southern part of the country after he got a huge boost from black voters in Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina and Texas where Sanders was always a winner but right now Biden looks like he is in hot pursuit in states that Sanders previously won and have a field day scaling through.

    After the results of Super Tuesday, it is clear that Democrats and Trump will have the former vice president as a hot candidate for the next US general elections.

    The Candidates

    Both in their seventies, Sanders and Biden have always been neck and neck with contradicting policies of how to oust Trump from office while Bernie talks about adding votes to the left, Biden has always remained in the middle. However, Sanders has not performed up to par as he did against Hillary four years earlier and has not demonstrated how he intends to ensure his political ranting will be executed if he wins.

    Countdown to Super Tuesday

    Biden’s clear path to victory was not expected considering all the lapses and troubles he had with voters. Furthermore, Bernie wins in key states like New Hampshire and other political opponents taking hold of the cake never gave Biden a chance but after Bernie’s failure, the former Vice President has shown he has got what it takes to bring the win to the Democrats in the upcoming elections against the close-knitted GOPs.

    Moreover, political analyst seem to think Sanders far-left ideology might pursue eligible democrat voters to the Republics which is not the best for the party

    A line of thought a new study at Yale and the University of California clearly agreed with.

    The Votes

    In Virginia, Biden won by an enormous margin, better than the Democrats did in 2016 with 927,000, which are 53 percent more than Sanders 23 percent. The votes kept climbing up as Biden snagged almost 130,000 votes more than Hillary in Fairfax County. The biggest was the votes from black voters across the South, a tremendous win for Biden, who seems to be doing well in States that Sanders felt he was a winner.

    Prominent political analysts and propagandists have taken to social media and the news to advise Democrats to hold on to the lessons of the primary if they are to defeat the GOPs in the upcoming election.

    The elections are about winning and losing, some strategies work, others don’t. Sometimes it takes a little more to roll out the votes, and it seems like Joe Biden has just laid the aces on the table for the general elections.