Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

    Leave it to the president of the United States to drop sarcastic comments during a supposedly significant briefing. One may choose to ask what the president’s angry is about. It is also worth noting that Trump is one to reply comment as please, especially when backed into a corner. As Monday’s Coronavirus press briefing ended, this is one that reporters will not forget in a hurry. A win for the president, wouldn’t you say?

    It is election season in the US with the general elections coming up in November, but with the economy taking a downturn from the Coronavirus pandemic. The president is using the Coronavirus briefings to propagate his agenda, self-love, and exaggeration of the truth or tell flat out misinformation to the country. In fact, it was reported that the briefing usually held by 4:30 Eastern, was shifted an hour ahead. Now he is opting for prime time to get the coverage he needs. If the president cannot attend the rally, he will bring the rally to wherever he goes and use any means, including the Coronavirus daily briefings.

    The crippling effect of the Coronavirus in the United States is a result of the president and the White House downplaying the virus even after seeing the damaging effects in China, Italy, and Spain or even at home. The press demanded answers from the man himself as to the reasons why so many things were delayed, overlooked, or denied. Some questions that did not go down well with the president

    However, the president has said numerous times that he is not one to tolerate “fake news” and people who do not show appreciation. We are guessing that list includes reporters judging from Monday’s Coronavirus new briefings.

    What went down in the briefing on Monday?

    If you missed it, let’s sum it up, Trump got angry, refused to answer questions, shut up those he did not like, ignored some, and berated others as never-do-good. It was a long night, but that was literary all of it.

    So this is what went down.

    Trump, definitely, did not look happy coming to the briefing. Obviously, the Coronavirus pandemic is getting to him like most Americans. The economy is not doing well, his rallies have been halted, and Dr. Fauci seems to ignore his claim that hydroxychloroquine is a practical treatment option for the Coronavirus. All of these and the reporters not asking the right question saw the President breathing down their necks with several reporters taking a hit some more than others. An attitude the media has tagged as very poor.

    As usual, the briefing starts with a warp sheet of what his administration has done. He never fails to mention repeatedly concerning the pandemic and ends with the president opening the floor for reporters to ask him questions. However, he has refused to accept his administration’s improper handling of the situation lead to the virtual stagnation the country.

    Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the Coronavirus task force spearheaded by the president claims it has provided millions and millions of personal protection kits, mask and test kits, which is in parallel contradiction as hospital across the country still report inadequate protective wears and testing is still short. When the reporter inquired what the presidency is doing about it, Trump played the blame game shifting his incompetency and lack of action to the inspector general of the Obama regime. Despite the lack of testing kits or testing done per capital, the president still insists the US has the best covid-19 testing in the world, a far cry from the situation at the front line.

    Who got hit first?

    Fox News reporter, Kristin Fisher was let down gently with a lesson on how to ask questions. According to the president, acknowledge the good; then ask the question. She inquired about the HHS report to which the president firmly responded that it was not the Federal Government’s responsibility to do the Coronavirus testing at street corners. This is no surprise after he claimed to be the glimmer of hope for the country the previous week. An optimism that seems to break all moral grounds, including the manner of approach

    Next in line on the president’s firing target was ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl. Trump tagged him “third rate reporter” adding that what he said was a disgrace, insinuating that he has covered up the inspector general work during the Obama regime. But the president did not stop there; he finished by telling the veteran white house reporter, he will never make it.

    Now, if you thought the temper tantrum was over, read on.

    When asked about the supposed paycheck to be handed out to small businesses and the citizens, Francesca Chamber of McClatchy received another side of Trump. This was not the usual press briefing, not for the reporters, for sure.

    The President and the Press

    Trump and his allies have always felt that the media treats them poorly and not as friendly as with his predecessor, Obama. While he stressed that reporters should learn to ask questions properly as he complained about the media during the Coronavirus task force briefing on Monday. Claiming he does the daily briefing so that the country will not lean to fake news or think he was not handling the issue well.

    The constant defending of his Coronavirus record is turning the president is a terror for reporters. Monday’s briefing was arguably not the best as he always appears excited in most briefings.

    One particular reporter, Youyou Wang from Phoenix TV, asked if the president was still willing to collaborate with China in dealing with the Coronavirus. Trump questioned the credibility of the news station and its ties with China.

    Three of the four reporters Trump confronted in his Monday Coronavirus press briefings were women. One of which was PBS Newshour Yamiche Alcindor, whom the president falsely claimed she was fired by the New York Times, calling her threatening.

    The president was not in a pleasant mood before the briefing, and it translated throughout the process.