Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

    Obviously, the president is not one to accept blame, take responsibility, bow down to his governors or the constitution. With reports, newspaper articles, and top health specialists in the country and abroad bold calling the president out for a slow response. Trump did what he knows best, use the Coronavirus task force podium to tell the country and disregard reports claiming that “we did everything right”.

    Among those that have talked about the White House not doing enough that has gotten the president on tippy toes is Dr. Anthony Fauci. Another fact Trump is eager to clarify is that he is in charge and calls all the shots. This is ignoring the number of deaths and cases in the country.

    In his defense

    Trump came out prepared to tackle all the negative encounters of the evening or at least do what he does best, shut down reporters, and ignore questions all to prove a point. The president even went as far as reporters watch a montage of good comments and remarks from people across the country. This is disregarding his falling ratings, lack of widespread testing, PPE, and masks which still a problem in most hit areas. The president has claimed from the start that the US is ahead in testing and availability of PPEs is more than most countries in the world. To end the video, he called Dr. Fauci to clarify his statement made on CNN.

    Trump also cleared the hashtag Fire Fauci, which the White House denied that sometimes the president mistakenly retweets, and he will not be carrying out such claims.

    Still, on the claims, the President touted reported with the number of ventilators, and mask claiming his actions saved lives numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

    How did the reporters react after the montage?

    Certainly not well. One reported from CBS Paula Reid asked the president what he did in February when he heard about the Coronavirus. She went as far as to confront Trump with the rising unemployment in the country, the lack of medical equipment for front line responders. To which the president was not too pleased and called her disgraceful.

    She definitely was not the only one, as reporters hauled questions about his administration’s response and effectiveness to the handling of the Coronavirus. One question which the president skipped was if he had the legal authority to re-open the country. The reporter went farther to stress the constitution, to which the president snapped her shut. We are not surprised about how Trumps hijacked the Coronavirus tack force TV time to explain his failings and express his lack of understanding of how the country’s function. While he is been driven by the economy and self-ego, he sure has a battle on his hands.

    As we leave the president to try to understand his position and powers according to the constitution. We will end with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s comment to the president total authority claim – we don’t have a king, we have an elected president.