Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

    In the face of the coronavirus outbreak all over the world, policy makers have had to come up with strategies they think would be most beneficial to their country, its citizens and economy. The US is not left out, and after an initial delay and dithering, President Trump made the decision to close the borders, stop all flights from coming into the country, and sanctioning a lockdown of the country to curtail the spread of the pandemic.

    His actions were roundly applauded of course, and we could dare say it even won him a few admirers from his loudest critics. Although, we continue to record newer cases each passing day, and the number of deaths is beginning to look scary, the expectations are, if we stick to the current policy, our country stands a great chance of beating the coronavirus and consolidating when all is said and done. All of a sudden, we have become a united nation who looks set to win the battle.

    If the latest announcement by President Donald Trump on Monday is anything to go by, we might be about to change the current strategy which everyone believes to be the best solution to conquering this pandemic, to another strategy which President Trump thinks is best. Speaking at the White House on Monday at the briefing of the coronavirus task force, President Trump downplays the impact of the virus and labeled it an active flu. He compared the number of deaths that could result from the virus to the same numbers that we constantly lose to automobile accidents in America annually. In his address, Mr. Trump said, ‘You look at automobile accidents which are far greater than any numbers we’re talking about. That doesn’t mean we are going to tell everybody no driving of cars’. 

    Going by his body language in the past few days and his last address, experts are suggesting that Trump is looking towards pulling a plug on the national lockdown, and allowing people to resume normal activities. This new strategy has been described as reckless at best, and a situation that could lead to the death of over 2.2 million Americans through the deadly coronavirus. Trump’s argument is the economy would suffer too much if the current lockdown continues. The big crash in stock prices and overall economic downturn are what seems to be the major concern for Trump, but are those things much more important than the lives of Americans at this point? When you consider that there would be time to consolidate after all this is over, you’d want to question Trump’s thinking on this issue.

    As always, the experts, including the officials of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are said to have warned the President about pulling the plug on the lockdown for now, but going by his precedents of refusing the advice and recommendations of the experts, we would be surprised if he changes his stance. To him, it’s all about opening up the country now, regardless of the repercussions, and we can only hope this proposed action doesn’t cost us dearly.