Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

    President Donald Trump can’t just seem to get away from controversies, and he was involved in another one on of those horrible moments on Sunday 29th March, while briefing the press along with the Presidential task force on coronavirus. In his speech, Trump said his government would have done a very good job if they can keep the number of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic between 100,000 and 200,000.

    How it All Started

    Now, this could be surprising for anyone who haven’t been following the way Trump has handled the whole issue from the get go, but for keen observers, this is not surprising. In fact, this is seen as another plot to twist the narrative and absolve himself of any blame, just like he has been doing all along.

    Remember that this whole situation could have been a lot different if our President had listened to the counsels of the experts who have advised him to act and put preventive measures in place at a time the virus hasn’t even gotten to the country. Also, President Trump dismissed the assessment of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention when they presented their counsel to him that an outbreak of the virus was inevitable. Now, the whole nation sits here and wished Mr. Trump had listened.

    What we Got

    The result of his arrogance and stubbornness is there for all to see now as the US has now become the country with the highest number of infected people, and those numbers don’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Also, the death tolls are rising daily, and the fear is, we might even be surpassing the number of deaths in Italy at some point soon.

    The End Game

    It’s clear Trump has admitted to his error in judgment (within himself), and in a bid to save face and protect his reelection bid, which has always been at the forefront of his agenda even in the face of pandemic, he has decided to sell another narrative. He continues to play politics with the whole thing and instead of coming up with a course of action, he continues to blame the past government for his apparent failings in leadership at a time like this. While speaking on Sunday, he made reference to the swine flu pandemic that happened between 2009 and 2010, where up to 17,000 Americans lost their lives. You might want to guess why he has made such comparisons at this time? It’s simple, his reelection bid. His opponent at the polls in November, Joe Biden, who was the Vice President then, was in charge of handling the pandemic at the time, so, Trump must make some connections. Isn’t it amazing that Trump just doesn’t care about anyone in this country but himself?

    For a President who is hugely responsible for the level of spread of this pandemic in America due to his utter neglect for expert advice and recommendations and sheer arrogance, Mr. Trump should be working round the clock to clean his own mess by finding a lasting solution to this deadly virus, and not insulting Americans by belittling their lives in a bid to save his reelection bid.