Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

    US President Donald Trump has further increased the tension between China and the USA in the wake of the Corona Virus. He did this by claiming that the virus originated from a Chinese lab. However, he did not back this claim with any substantial evidence – or even any evidence for that matter.

    Trump’s claim was made known on Thursday when he met with reporters at the White house. At this press conference, Trump mentions that he is sure with a high degree of confidence that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    The Chinese institute, however, has since debunked the claim. Even top officials in the US do not agree with Trump.

    Intelligence agencies have said that although they are investigating whether the virus could be from a lab accident, there are clear indications that it was not man-made or genetically modified.

    Others have said that the virus started in a wet market where animals are sold. That the virus jumped from an animal to humans.

    It is clear that Trump is frustrated with China.

    This frustration is increasing considering the effect Coronavirus has had on America and the world at large. Millions of dollars have been lost because most public places are closed now. Thousands of lives have been lost too. In fact, the US has the highest number of deaths recorded from this virus.

    The fact that elections are coming up in November also adds to the pressure on Trump. His re-election is hanging on the balance of how well America comes out of this situation.

    At the press conference, Trump also told reporters that the US is doing all in its power to find the first occurrence of the virus. He believes that everything would soon make sense, and the world would know the truth about the virus.

    While Trump claims that the virus is from a lab in Wuhan, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is saying something completely different.

    Mike believes that the origin of the virus is still unknown. According to him, the virus could come from a lab, from an animal market, or even from some other place.

    Trump is not the only one who has made claims as to where the virus is from. The Chinese have claimed that US military troops brought the virus to China. In his defense, Trump said that if that was the case, then the Chinese government did a poor job in telling the world about it.

    Another point Trump raised on Thursday was that China had two choices regarding the virus. He claimed that China would either not stop the virus they had created, or that they intentionally let it spread to the whole world.

    None of the claims Trump made included the Chinese president.

    He ended the press conference by saying: “It’s a terrible thing that happened – whether they made a mistake or whether it started off as a mistake and then they made another one. Or did somebody do something on purpose?”