Wed. Dec 8th, 2021


    Following the unending criticisms that came with President Trump’s approach to the Coronavirus pandemic, the task force responsible for handling the case has not been quiet.

    In a statement made recently, the President, in clear terms, stated that his efforts in combating the pandemic would be evident in the number of deaths witnessed. Although Trump failed to enforce a travel ban in the early stages of the pandemic, he claims that his decision to place a travel ban on China was a smart move.

    In his defence, the death toll in America could have been worse than it already is if he wasn’t handling the situation well as insinuated. “We could end up at 50 to 60 (thousand deaths). OK, it’s horrible. If we didn’t do what we did, we would have had, I think, a million people, maybe 2 million people, maybe more than that.” Going by a report published earlier, America was said to witness as many as two million deaths (if the virus was not contained) so 43,000 was a sign of efficiency. He, however, did not make light of the lives that had been lost to the virus.


    When the number of deaths in the United States began to climb, the President ordered a stay-at-home lockdown that saw the streets go empty. Six weeks later, we hear the President make contradictory statements like, “Liberate Minnesota.” This prompted a quick reaction by anti-lock down protesters regardless of the 40,000 deaths already recorded.

    “We don’t shut down our economy because tens of thousands of people die on the highways. It’s a risk we accept so we can move about.” The President went ahead to make an analogy with the number of deaths recorded from road accidents. In other words, America is not supposed to be “shut down” as they have accepted the risk of dying from the virus.

    Despite Trump’s efforts to clear his name, critics have refused to peddle down. They are holding on to Trump’s initial boasts of eradicating the virus and “having everything under control”. For them and many others, 45,000 deaths and counting look nothing like “under control.”


    These criticisms have not stopped the President from making wild boasts. He went ahead to remind everyone who cares to read his tweet of how the Biden/Obama administration failed in handling the H1N1 pandemic in 2009. Although the Center for Disease Control made an approximation of 12,500 deaths from the flu, Trump ignored their figures and slammed the Obama administration with being responsible for 17,000 deaths.

    While the world looks at America with high brows due to the skyrocketing death toll, Trump never fails to categorically state that this is far from the truth. America may have the highest number of deaths now but when compared to the total population, America has only lost about 0.02% of its population in contrast to other European countries. “The United States has produced dramatically better health outcomes than any other country, with the possible exception of Germany.”

    This is not to neglect the opinion that the figures are only a calculated estimate. We know that it is an underestimation,” Kristen Nordlund, the spokeswoman for the CDC remarked.