Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

    Ever since Joe Biden emerged as the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, there have been concerns over his mental state of mind, as a result of his incoherence during public speeches. 

    These concerns led to requests for the Yale School of Medicine’s Psychiatrist, Bandy Lee, to assess Biden’s string of stumbles during public speeches. 

    In response to the requests, Lee wrote and published an article where she stated that there is a false equivalence between Biden’s occasional speech gaffes and Donald Trump’s “mental instability”. 

    In her words to Yahoo, she claimed that Trump has showcased some dangerous mental signs associated with declining faculties, which can’t be compared to Biden’s few stumbled words. 

    And this is in concordance with concerns that some mental health professionals have expressed over Trump’s declining faculties, which were characterized by his frequent misstates and untrue facts that he infuses in his speeches, an example was him confusing his father’s birthplace as Germany instead of Bronx. 

    Howbeit, these characteristics are not similar to what is happening with Joe Biden, even though he shared some false memories at a debate last year, where he claimed to have been arrested in South Africa when he was only detained at the airport. 

    And to buttress her point however, Lee edited some essays titled ‘The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump’ which were previously written by 27 mental health professionals. 

    In those essays, were details of some of the points that the authors posit as risks posed by an emotionally and mentally unfit leader sitting on one of the most powerful seats in the world. 

    This topic of Biden’s mental capacity became an issue when he had difficulties expressing himself at campaign debates and other events, but this speech abnormality was traced to a case of stuttering in his childhood. 

    Another reason why the spotlight is on Biden’s mental capacity is that he would be the oldest American president to be sworn in should he win the polls. 

    And this is giving a lot of people and mostly his political rivals reasons to doubt his mental capacity to rule America, as they are claiming that he is suffering from dementia, a claim that his speech abnormalities are not helping to put to rest. 

    But in response to all of these, Biden is unperturbed as he doesn’t see anything wrong in the public discussion of a candidate’s mental capacity. 

    In his words to PBS in January, he said that it is totally legal for people to talk about anyone’s mental, physical, and psychological state, including his. 

    Overall, mental health professionals are saying there is a huge distinction between what is happening with Biden’s speech and Trump’s frequent attempts to curve reality to his whims. 

     They claim that although Biden digresses when speaking, but that is different from Trump’s total lack of reality comprehension, and this was one of the reasons why they signed a letter in 2018 requesting that Trump be evaluated mentally, as they claimed that Trump was the bigger threat and if his mental health is not addressed, there is no reason why they should be bothered about Biden’s lesser threat.